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Является преступлением подстрекательство ребенка к покупке пива.

39-15-404. Enticing a child to purchase alcoholic beverages - Purchasing of alcoholic beverages for child.

(a) Except as provided in § 39-15-413:

(1) It is an offense for a person to persuade, entice, or send, any child under twenty-one (21) years of age to any place where whiskey, brandy, rum, gin, wine, beer, ale, or other intoxicating drink is sold, to buy or otherwise procure any one (1) or more of such drinks, in any quantity, for the use of such child or for that of the person persuading, enticing, or sending the child, or for the use of any other person; and

(2) It is an offense for a person to buy intoxicating alcoholic beverages for or on behalf of any child under twenty-one (21) years of age or to furnish intoxicating alcoholic beverages to any such child for any purpose.

(b) A violation of this section is a Class A misdemeanor.

[Acts 1989, ch. 591, § 1.]

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